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Common Questions
What is the cost of a mobile application?
As a rule, there is no clear price that can be called immediately, since each application is unique.

The cost of development depends on the complexity of the functionality and the operating system for which the application will be developed: iOS or Android.

In order to calculate the price of the project implementation, we need to determine the main task of the application, think over its logic and functionality. Next, we can prepare a development cost estimate
How long will development take?
Development terms directly depend on the requirements for the mobile application, the characteristics of the company, as well as the wishes of the customer.

Average development time from start to finished application:
  • Medium projects up to 3 months.
  • Large projects about 4-6 months.
To get a more accurate estimate of the project completion time, it is necessary to determine the main task of the application, think over its logic and functionality.

Which companies are suitable for a mobile application?
For companies that want:
  • Increase your profit;
  • Be closer to your customers/users;
  • Digitalize.

This is especially true for commercial resources and online stores.

The project is ready, what to do next?
After the application is created and published in the App Store and Play Market, the implementation of the marketing strategy begins.

The first step is to notify the existing contact base about the launch of the application with a motivational call. Next, advertising sources come into play, gradually increasing the user base and working with it using push notifications.