What applications do we create?

  • IOS
    The importance of developing an iOS application is evident in its significant market power and the number of users around the world.
  • Android
    Android application development is necessary in order to reduce distance between your product and users of this platform.
  • Crossplatform
    A convenient solution for small projects that allows you to create an application for various platforms with the same code base.

How the app can help your business?

  • 01
    Sales channel
    Give your customer the opportunity to buy your product with just two clicks on their phone.
  • 03
    App development is important for your brand, it increases the frequency of purchases and the average check.
  • 02
    You always need to stay in touch with your customers, for this there are Push Notifications.
  • 04
    According to statistics, the conversion of users in the app is four times higher than in the mobile version of the site.

Stages of creating products

  • First stage

    The initial stage of product development includes discussing all important details and defining the main goals and needs.

    The audit also allows you to determine the qualitative characteristics of the product: its terms and cost of development.

  • Second stage

    It is very important for us that not only we but also our client understand what exactly we are doing and what the result will be.

    To do this, we create a kind of product passport called Backlog, where each component is accurately described, from the logic of a small button to the operation of the application functionality.

  • Third stage
    UX/UI design

    Our design makes the product special. Each new project gets its colors, shapes, style, and an original set of icons. We always create a stylebook that describes the visual logic of the app, too.

    No compromising, not in any phase of the project, and that’s especially true for design. It just has to be perfect.

  • Fourth stage

    The development stage includes writing stable code, for this, we use the latest methods and technologies. A whole team of experienced professionals is responsible for its quality.

    It is necessary that everything is done in accordance with the rules and requirements for the further unloading of the product on the platforms.

  • Fifth stage

    We try to build long-term relationships with all customers. To this end, we propose to continue our cooperation in the form of full technical support for your product by our team.

    We create unique conditions for everyone, based on your needs

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  • Tripline
  • Lystva
  • Zakhyst
  • Urbanist
  • Prengi
  • SeeGuru
  • Hutko
  • ReWorker
  • FishTools


Companies and startups that have entrusted us with their ideas.
  • Lystva
    E-commerce products for customers and couriers
  • Eia
    We have created an application for insurance
  • See.Guru
    Сreated an online platform for learning English
  • Delo
    Created a flexible news portal for business
  • Venbest
    Developed an app, web app and website
  • Mafia
    We have created a delivery app with geo services
  • DecoGroup
    Product with technology – augmented reality.
  • Prengi
    Created a mobile CRM system for real estate
  • Velmart
    App-scanner of goods in the store. Delivery of orders

With us, customers get more

We appreciate and cherish every idea with which people come to us
  • Publication
    The publishing process is a rather complicated process, in which there are a number of rules and exceptions. In order for our clients not to waste their time on this, our team will make it easy and simple, because we have published more than one application. Thus, you get not only a ready-made but also a published product.
  • Support
    Our team will gladly provide any professional assistance to your product. We will make an update, release a new release, and find and fix any malfunction as soon as possible.
  • User-friendly
    We are always looking for an individual approach to a future product. For each new project, we think over a unique interface, design and concept. Our team never uses any ready-made solutions, you can be sure that everything for your idea will be developed from the very beginning and only for you.
  • Reliability
    Our company works as honestly and openly as possible so that the client understands: what he pays money for and what he will receive in the end. We work under a contract that spells out all our obligations, deadlines, as well as your guarantees for a quality product. We are interested in you being satisfied with your cooperation with us.

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